Whiteboard anywhere.

Notebooks store ideas. Whiteboards evolve ideas.
Make your next idea stand out with a HustleCase.

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Airbnb IBM Deloitte

A Hustle-what?

HustleCase is a lightweight whiteboard laptop case that makes it easy to:

  • Sketch on the go
  • Snap on and off easily
  • Protect from scrapes and scratches
  • Write smoothly and erase quickly
  • Gift the special hustler in your life

HustleCase is perfect for







HustleCase makes new ideas better.

“I found it easy to capture my ideas and sketch visuals to share with my clients while on the go”

Aloke Pillai
UX Designer

A sketch is worth 1000 conversations.

“I save a lot of time when explaining things. It's handy to visually communicate with my students”

Ann-Marie Sebastian
Lead Instructor, Sheridan College


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HustleCase is expected to ship in late October.

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Have questions?

Why did you create HustleCase?

As freelance designers, we found our office being wherever our laptop was. We wanted an accesible whiteboard to save time and paper and created the HustleCase!

Is it only for Macs?

The hard shell cases are only for Macs at the moment. However, if you would still like a whiteboard on your laptop, we can make a custom whiteboard sticker for you. Email us!

How durable is the case?

The cases are made of plastic, making it durable enough to protect your laptop from bumps and scratches, but light and breathable enough to release heat.

Is it hard to erase?

Our dry-erase surface has been designed to be scratch resistant, easy to write on and even easier to wipe.

Where do you ship to currently?

We ship worldwide! Due to high demands, each case will take 1-2 weeks to process and be shipped.

How do I record my sketches?

When you want to capture a quick sketch, we recommend using an app called Microsoft Office Lens that has a whiteboard setting to capture photos.

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Larger orders qualify for custom branding which make for creative gifts and brand marketing.