Our Journey


As digital designers and entrepreneurs hustling away in our industry, we were constantly buying notebooks and notepads to prototype ideas, designs, and flows. But a lot of times, we didn’t need anything permanent just a space to sketch what was in our head or communicate something in a meeting. There’s something unique about holding a pen in your hand and letting your mind take whim. Apparently, Milton Glaser, author of “Drawing is thinking” agrees. He wrote, “When you draw an object, the mind becomes deeply, intensely attentive.” Don’t get us wrong, we loved our moleskins and Muji pads, but so many pages were being used for quick sketches or idea sharing that we didn’t really need later. Then an idea surfaced...what if we could carry a white board around, even better, why not have a whiteboard on a Mac? This way we can quickly go from physical idea to digital in seconds. This is how the hustle case was born. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Happy Sketching, I mean hustlin’